Setting up Frankli from scratch

A handy guide to setting up Frankli as an Admin

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We've created this 'Getting started' guide to help you set up your Frankli workspace, and then build on the basics!.

Complete Sign Up

Starting at the beginning is always the best place to start. We walk you through the sign up process here. We've made the process pain free and quick.

Get a feel for your Admin Dashboard

Once you've completed your sign up we recommend you get a feel for your Admin Dashboard.

Do Some Housekeeping

Frankli works best with people. To get the most out of Frankli we recommend you begin by:

Finalise Your Plan Of Action

Every company will have their own individual way of rolling Frankli out. But here's two of our favourite ways:

  • The Gradual Roll Out: This is a great option for companies who may not be used to performance management tools or just want to take the process slowly. To execute this roll out chose two or three of Frankli's features; which ones you pick are completely down to each organisation, and roll these out first. Once your people are used to these new features slowly roll out the remaining features. You can toggle features on and off from your admin Dashboard. 

  • The All or Nothing Roll Out: This option works best for companies who have prior processes in place for the majority of Frankli's features. Rolling out every feature at once means your people will really get to grips with the value of Frankli fast. 

Familiarise Yourself With Frankli's Features

Frankli has a variety of features to help you boost employee success and improve engagement and performance management. Each feature requires a little configuration from admins. 

  • Feedback: Give praise and Request Feedback

  • Surveys: Create and view survey results

If you have any more questions, message us on intercom or read some of our help articles.

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