Begin by navigating to Admin > Company.
From here click 'Administrate Departments' as highlighted below. 

To Add A Department:

Type the department name on the text bar and select a parent department if applicable from the drop down menu. When you're done click the '+' as highlighted above. 

To Edit A Department:

Click the 'edit' button as highlighted above. From here you can change the department name by typing along the text link and change the parent company by selecting one from the drop down menu. When you're happy with your changes, click the 'tick' icon next to the department. 

To Delete A Department:

Click the 'delete' icon as highlighted above. You'll then be prompted to confirm you want to delete the department. If you are sure, click 'Yes', is not click 'Cancel'. 

To learn more about the extra features admins have on Frankli, click here

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