To administrate office locations navigate to 'Admin' in your sidebar.  From here click 'Company' as shown below.

From here click 'Administrate Office Locations' as shown below.

To Add New Office Locations:
Input the office name, street, city, post code (if applicable) and country into the relevant fields. When you're done click the button with the '+' as highlighted below, to add the new office location.

To Edit an existing Office Location:
Click the 'Edit' button as shown below. From here you can edit the name, street, city, postcode and country.

When you're done click the tick.
If you don't click the tick you'll loose all the changes you made.

To Delete An Existing Office Location:
Click the 'Delete' icon as highlighted below. 

A pop up message will then appear to ensure you're positive you want to permanently delete the office location. If you are, click 'Yes!', if not click 'Cancel'.

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