There are several ways to create a 1:1 schedule including:

  1. You can create a 1:1 by navigating to  '1:1 meetings > create 1:1' button. 

2. You can also initiate a 1:1 from the public profile of the person you want to have a 1:1 with 

3. As a manger, you can initiate a 1:1 with your employee from the calendar icon in 'Team > Team View'

No matter how you go about creating a 1:1 meeting, you'll then be met with the following view:

Begin by searching for a 1:1 participant by typing their name on the search like and clicking the relevant person.

The purpose of the meeting is the reason the 1:1 meeting is taking place. For example: Weekly Sales check in, Regular face to face or Monthly sales run through.

The location is optional but can be used to describe where the 1:1 meeting will take place.

Meeting time is what time you will have the 1:1 meeting. 

Frequency is how regularly you are intending to schedule these 1:1 meetings. You can choose from daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, annually or individually. 

Timezone is concerned with whether this 1:1 meeting is taking place in GMT or any other time zone around the world. This is particularly useful for organisations who have departments all over the world. 

Recurring talking points are present topics which, at Frankli, we feel help ensure the right things are discussed in the 1:1 meeting. 

You can edit a talking point by clicking the 'edit' icon next to it. Then simply edit the talking point by typing along the text bar and clicking enter to save your changes.
To delete a recurring talking point click the 'x' icon next to the relevant talking point.

To create a 1:1 schedule simply click 'Confirm' as highlighted below.

What do I need to know when creating a 1:1?

When creating a 1:1 using the create form:

  • The purpose title is required.
  • The meeting time is defaulted to a week in advance of now.
  • The TimeZone is automatically populated based on your browser when you load the form. This will effect when the notification is triggered and when it is marked as due
  • If a date is picked which is close to the current time (2 hours out) the first meeting will be automatically confirmed and the talking points locked in for both users to have a chance to look over them.

What happens Next?

  • The other 1:1 participant is notified via email and within Frankli 
  • The email sent out will also automatically create a calendar event in your Outlook or Gmail calendar
  •  The other participant will have access to view the proposed 1:1 schedule and talking points
  • The other participant can also collaborate on the talking points or comment on one already created up until 2 hours before the scheduled event
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