What is a Frankli Admin?

Everything you need to know about the role of Frankli administrator, including a list of actions that they can perform.

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Frankli Admins are nominated individuals who have access to additional functionalities within Frankli. Their extra features can be found by selecting Admin on the navy sidebar menu.

What can a Frankli Admin Do?

Frankli administrators can;

  1. Set up new People and invite them to Frankli immediately or later

  2. Give existing People the ability to update, revoke and archive people's access 

  3. Update a person's department, manager, office location and access level.

  4. Delete, edit and change company departments

  5. Delete, edit and change company office locations

  6. Access a company view of all users within the organisation

  7. Administrate goal tags, descriptions, goal templates and goal permissions

  8. Manage all roles and levels within the company

  9. Manage the companies competencies 

  10. Manage where unprompted feedback goes

  11. Design, publish and manage all performance review cycles

  12. Add and edit one-on-one talking points

  13. Review analytics for Goals, Surveys, One to Ones and Review Cycles.

  14. Manage integrations within Frankli

  15. Toggle on and off access to features within Frankli

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