To get started with company goal creation in Frankli, navigate to 'Goals'  from your available sidebar menu items. This will bring you to your goals overview page with a number of tabs. 

  1. Create a Goal

To create a goal, click on the button entitled 'Create a Goal'.

This is will take you to a 'Create a new goal' section with the following fields:

  • Goal Objective: Give your goal a valid objective thinking about what will success look like?
  • Goal Type: As a goal admin you can create a 'Company' goal type. Company goals are visible to everyone in your organisation.
  • Key Result: Next we define one or more key results to help us progress our goal. The goal setting framework in Frankli is based on Objective, Key Results (OKRs). 
  • Result End Date (optional): You can add an end date to any key result if you wish. This will set and trigger reminders for you as the end date approaches.
  • Measure Type: Key results have 4 dedicated measure types to help you keep focused. 'Complete/Incomplete', 'Measure by %', 'Measure by #' or 'Measure by €'.
  • Visibility: Company goals are set to public and are visible to the entire company.
  • Priority (optional): You can define a priority for your goal from P1 to P5 based on urgency
  • End Date: This is the date that the overall goal objective is to be achieved by. Setting an end date also sets up reminder notifications within Frankli for all Goal Owners.
  • Tags (optional): Tags are defined by your company admin and allow you to group goals by relevant tags as defined within your own business. Tags make searching on your goals easier.
  • Owner: Owners are the people directly involved in completing the goal. You can add any of your people to a company goal.
  • When you are finished click 'Create Goal' as shown below.

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