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Creating a Survey

Here we'll take you through how to create elegant, engaging surveys within Frankli

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To create a survey you must have the admin or manager role.

Start by clicking on 'Surveys & Polls' in the sidebar and click 'Create' as shown below.

1. Select Survey Template:

To use a pre-built survey template such as the Wellbeing or Onboarding Survey select the survey in 'Create Survey.'

2. Preview questions

Next, you can preview how the survey will display before defining your recipients.

3. Define your audience

Select who you want the survey to be sent to. You can order by name, department, office location, manager or start date. You can also search survey recipients by name.

You can also create & send a survey to an audience that is not in Frankli. Select 'Invite by email' tab across the top of the page in order to do this.

You will be able to add a group of emails to the list (one email per line) and later edit the list one by one. Once happy with your defined audience, click 'Confirm'.


Survey can be created either for employees in Frankli or with invitations by email - you can't create a survey for both types at once. You must also select a minimum of 3 people to receive your survey - otherwise, you cannot send it. This is to ensure anonymity in survey responses.

5. Survey Schedule and Message

Once you’re happy with all of the survey content, you can set the title of your survey, define a message to go out with your email and also you can decide when the survey should be published, for how long and at what frequency.

What happens next?

Sit back and watch survey responses arrive in real-time. Navigate to 'Surveys & Polls > View' to view these. Click the eye symbol next to the relevant survey to view responses.

Note: You can only view survey responses once at least three people have given their responses. Again, this is to protect the anonymity of your people in this process.

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