In your admin dashboard you'll find the following options, to edit Tags click 'Company.'

In the features menu click 'Edit Tags'.
This will bring you to your Tags menu. As seen below you'll find the name, description, type and creator of the tags. To search for tags simply type into the search bar and any matching tags will appear.

You can filter tags by Category or Company Value by clicking the drop down menu under 'Type'.

A Category tag is used to group things together such as initiatives or campaigns. A company value tag is used to showcase company values. 

To edit a tag click the 'Edit' button as shown below available from 'Actions'.

You can now choose to edit the tag or description. Once you've finished click the tick as shown below to save your changes.

You will need to click the tick when you are finished, otherwise your changes won’t be saved.

To delete a tag, click on the bin icon beside the relevant tag. You’ll receive the following message.

So if you’re sure you want to delete the tag, click ‘Yes, delete tag!’, otherwise click ‘Cancel’.

To create a New Tag click 'Create New Tag' as shown below.

From here you can add a name, category and description to your new tag. When you're finished click 'Create Tag'

Your new tag will now appear in tags.

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