As an Admin, setting up a new person in Frankli for your organization is a straight forward task.

First, navigate to Admin > Company > Company View.

Click on the New Person button in the top left.

You will be taken to a page with a form allowing you to enter the details of a new person.

Note: There is also button on the right side allowing you to add people in bulk to Frankli. A guide on using Bulk Create can be found here.

All fields presented require your input apart from Department, Manager, and Role.

Fill out all required details paying particular attention to access level - this will determine the permissions that this new person has on Frankli.

Once happy proceed to click the Create New Person button.

The person will be created and you will be given the option to either invite now or invite later.

Invite now

An invite email will be sent to the person's email address with instructions on how to complete their own on-boarding process through a number of guided steps.

Invite Later

The newly created person will be added to any relevant department and team views but they will not be invited to Frankli until you choose to do so.

This can be achieved at a later stage from Admin > Company > Company View.

See our article on Inviting people here for more information.

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