Your Admin Dashboard

Here's a brief overview of your Admin dashboard and everything you can do with it.

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As an admin you have access to functionality that allow you customise and set-up your workspace to suit. Here's exactly what extra's you have access to.

In your sidebar navigate to 'Admin'. Here you'll find the following menu.

In 'Company' you'll find the following options.

In 'Goals' you'll see this menu

In features you'll find the toggle menu.

Here you can toggle frankli features off and on at your discretion. 

Next you'll find 'Feedback'

Here you'll find configuration options for where you unprompted feedback to go based on different options your people may select during the process.

Next, you'll find 'Review Cycles'

Here you'll see any review cycles that were created within your company by you or another Administrator. You can view all review updates in real-time for active review cycles. You can also create new flexible review cycles from here and define the steps and questions you want to form part of the cycle.

Finally, you can access 'One to Ones'.

Here as an Administrator you can define templates of recurring talking point suggestions to be used across 1:1's in your company. You can set one of these templates to be the default template, which will be the template used by default when someone goes to create a 1:1 (however they can swap this out for another template during creation).

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