How to Create a Goal

Everything you need to know about creating a Goal

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Goals are used to ensure all the people in a company are working towards the same set of objectives.

They can be created by any employee in a company, with some restrictions.

How do I Create a Goal?

  1. Click on Goals in the sidebar menu.

  2. To create a goal from scratch, click on Create a Goal.

You can also use a template to create Goals, or make a copy of an existing Goal.

For information on using a template to create a Goal, see Creating a Goal from a Template.

For information on making a copy of an existing Goal, see Creating a Copy of an Existing Goal.

What Information do I need to Include in a Goal?

A Goal must have:

  • A type

  • An objective

  • A due date

  • At least one valid key result

  • At least one owner


See What is a Goal Type? for more information.


This should summarise what you hope to achieve with the completion of this Goal.

Due Date

A due date is required to create a Goal.

In order to be valid, the due date must be in the future and it must be later than the due date of any Key Results or Tasks associated with the Goal.


See How does Visibility Affect my Goal? for more information.

Key Results

See What are Key Results? for more information.


See What Does a Goal Owner Do? for more information.


See Distributing Goals for more information.


See Aligning Goals for more information.


See Prioritising Goals for more information.


See What is a Goal Tag? for more information.


See Linking Tasks to Goals for more information.

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