What are Key Results?

A simple definition for Key Results, and a demonstration of how to use them

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Key Results are metrics used to measure progress towards a Goal.

The value of a Key Result directly impacts the progress of the goal its linked to.

What are the Different Types of Key Results?

There are two different types of Key Results:

  • Complete / Incomplete

  • Numeric

Complete / Incomplete Key Results

Complete/Incomplete Key Results have just two measures of completion, complete and incomplete.

Numeric Key Results

Numeric Key Results use numeric values to determine completion.

You can set both the starting value, and the value required for the result to be considered completed.

What if the Goal Value of a Key Result is Lower than the Start Value?

When using a Numeric Key Result, you can set the Goal value to be lower than the start value, to create a burndown Key Result.

These should work exactly the same as a regular Numeric Key Result, but in reverse.

What does Setting a Unit do?

With Numeric Key Results, you can define a Unit.

This can be a character, a word or a symbol to indicate what you’re measuring.

You can choose to place the Unit before or after the value whenever it’s shown.

For example, you could set $ if measuring currency, or ‘people’ if measuring people.

Do you have to Set a Due Date on a Key Result?

Setting a due date on a Key Result is optional.

However, if a due date is set on a Key Result, it must occur before the due date of the Goal itself.

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