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Creating a Goal from a Template
Creating a Goal from a Template

How to use a Template to create a new Goal

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Templates can be used as a starting point for creating a Goal.

How to Create a Goal from a Template:

1. Select Goals from the sidebar.

2. Select the dropdown arrow on the Create a Goal button

3. Select Use a Template

4. You will see a list of available Templates. Choose your preferred Template.

5. Once you have selected a Template, you will be redirected to the main goal create view, with all of the Template settings auto-filled

6. Once you're happy with all the settings, you can select Create

What Settings are Automatically Filled when Using Templates?

When a Template is selected to, the following settings are automatically filled:

  • Goal objective

  • Key Results

    • Result title

    • Measure type

    • Unit

    • Unit placement

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