Prioritising Goals

How to change the priority status of a Goal

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Note: To use Goal Priority options, the feature must first be enabled by the Admin.

Goal Priority is used to indicate the importance of a goal.

What Goal Priority Options are There?

There are five different Goal Priority options available; P1, P2, P3, P4 and P5. P1 represents the highest priority, while P5 represents the lowest priority.

You can also choose not to set a Priority.

How do I Set the Priority of a Goal?

The Priority of a Goal can be set during goal creation.

1. Select Goal Create and begin to create your goal

2. Set a Priority by selecting one from the Priority dropdown menu

You can also set the priority of a Goal by editing an existing Goal.

How do I Edit the Priority of a Goal?

1. Select the Goal you would like to edit

2. Select Edit

3. Select Priority and choose an option from the dropdown menu

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