As an Administrator, you have the ability to manage the various roles and associated grades/levels across your company directly in Frankli. 

Where competencies are relevant to your company, you can also align competencies by role and associated grades/levels from here. Here's how.

Navigate to your 'Admin' Dashboard and select 'Company'.

Under 'Company' you'll see quite a few options available to you. Navigate and click on 'Roles'.

You have the ability to create new roles individually or download a .csv template and import all your company's roles in one go. Let's look at both.

  1. Add an individual role

When defining a new role entry in Frankli for your company, you simply give your role a name in the available field titled 'Role Name'. Where a grade/level related to the role in question is relevant, you can also add this. If your company uses competencies and this feature is enabled, you also have the added ability to align competencies directly to roles and associated grade/levels.

Note: The only mandatory field for a new role is a unique 'Role Name'. Everything else is optional.

Once you're happy with your entry, simply click the '+' button as highlighted above. Your new role will get added to the Roles table 

You can 'Edit' or 'Delete' an individual role from the available actions in the table view.

For edit, you can edit the role name, assign a level/grade or update any associated competencies.

Once happy with your updates, you have the option to 'Cancel' or 'Update' from the actions available as highlighted above.

    2. Bulk Upload of Roles

As well as adding roles individually in Frankli, you can download a .csv template and bulk import all your roles at once.

Once you've downloaded the template, open using excel, notepad or any software that supports .csv formatted files, populate it and save for import.

Alternatively you can take an existing dump/document containing all your company's roles and format to match the template before saving as a .csv file.

Finally to 'Import', select the available import button as shown above and choose the relevant file location. The file will be validated for completeness and if any duplicates exist or the expected file format is different, a warning dialog will inform you. 

Otherwise you will see a message informing you that your import was successful and all roles in your file will be populated in the Roles table.

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