As an administrator on Frankli you have access to edit the following for an existing active person on Frankli.

  • First & last name

  • Department

  • Manager

  • Site

  • Access Level

  • Email address

  • Position

  • Start date

Where do I start?
Log in as an active person with administrator privileges, navigate to the 'Admin' menu item in your sidebar. You will be presented with the following Admin dashboard.

Next navigate to 'Company' > 'Company View'. This will load a single table view of all people on Frankli within your organisation.

From here you can either administrate a single person or multiple people at a time.

Administrating a single person

From the table menu items you will see a column titled 'Actions'. Hover over and click on the icon shown highlighted in blue below for the individual person you want to administrate.

This will take you to their individual 'Administrate Person' profile page as shown below.

From here you can edit one or more of the available fields and proceed to click 'Update Person'. The updates made will take effect immediately.

We will cover off both 'Revoke Access' and 'Archive Person' in separate articles.

Administrating multiple people

Select one or more people from the list using the checkboxes highlighted below.

Once you have selected at least one person, the button highlighted below should appear.

Clicking this button should give you the options to:

  • Edit selected

  • Archive selected

  • Invite selected

In this case, click on "Edit selected".

A window should pop up. From here you can edit one or more of the available fields and proceed to click 'Next'.

You will be shown a preview of any changes that will occur due to these edits.

If there are any errors, they will be highlighted in the preview and you will have to go back to the previous form to fix them.

Once all your changes are valid, clicking next will bring you to a new screen where you will be asked to type 'CONFIRM' to apply your changes.

Once you have typed confirm and clicked the 'Confirm' button, the updates made will take effect immediately.

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