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Your Dashboard

Here's a brief overview outlining your Dashboard

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Watch the Intro to Dashboard video here πŸ‘‡ or continue reading below.

Your Dashboard in Frankli is the first screen you will see each time you log in. Your Dashboard can also be accessed anytime from the main sidebar menu entitled β€˜Dashboard’. This is your own unique private view within Frankli.Β 

On your Dashboard you will see the following:

1. Welcome message:Β 

A tailored message to you and an update reminder on any outstanding tasks with you for action.

2. Active Goals

The active goals will clearly show progress & status against your own goals. It can be filtered to view goals by any given quarter or look at all goals for the year via 'All'. I can also navigate directly into the 'My Goals' detail view by hovering over the progress bar.

3. Upcoming Deadlines

Upcoming deadlines consist of tasks which are due in the next 30 days or that you need to action or have been asked for your input on. There is the option to look at these via calendar view from the available link. Wherever displayed, each deadline should be clickable and navigate to its relevant page for action (eg. clicking 1:1 deadline navigates to 1:1 schedule).

4. News Feed

The news feed lets you keep up with the events happening in your company, such as someone receiving or giving praise.

5. To Dos

If enabled within your company you do have the option to create a short list of To Do items that can have an associated due date and time.

6. Discover People

Each time you log in to Frankli you will see 3 short employee profile recommendations who share similar interests to you. These will change regularly based on any updates you or your colleagues make to interests or new joiners within your company.

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