Your Dashboard in Frankli is the first screen you will see each time you log in. Your Dashboard can also be accessed anytime from the main sidebar menu entitled ‘Dashboard’. This is your own unique private view within Frankli. 

On your Dashboard you will see the following:

1. Welcome message: 

A tailored message to you and will update based on your activity within Frankli.

2. Notifications:

Inform you of new activity across the organisation from new joiners to work anniversaries and updates or actions needed towards your goals, 1:1s, feedback and surveys. If you manage people, you'll also see all their relevant update here.

3. Discover Colleagues:

Each time you log in to Frankli you will see 3 short employee profile recommendations who share similar interests to you. These will change regularly based on any updates you or your colleagues make to interests.

4. Goals

This view on your Dashboard gives you a visual overview of progress against all active individual, department and company goals that relate to you.

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