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What to expect when you change someone's manager
What to expect when you change someone's manager

Updating someone's manager as an admin

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You may find that you have to change someone's manager on Frankli for any number of reasons. We try to make this process as simple as possible, but there is some chance for confusion about what happens to the data that the employee and manager had created before this move.

Changing manager during an active Review Cycle

With a Manager Review step

When updating an employee's manager during a review cycle, you will receive a pop-up to confirm whether you would like to make this change or not.

This is because there could be an active manager review that will be transferred over to a new manager to write.

Warning: If a review has been started and the manager is changed any feedback already documented in the manager review will be lost

If the manager review has been submitted, it will be kept but transferred to the new manager, who will have the ability to view and share it once unlocked (if calibration is enabled).

If the manager review was not started, or only partially done, this will not be saved, and the new manager will be asked to write the manager review.

With an Upward Review Step

When a cycle is 'Open', all steps run at the same time, and reviews are meant to be completed over time during the review period. This means you aren't reflecting on a review period in the past like in a Sequenced review.
Because of this, when there is an 'Upward Review' step in the cycle, it works differently in Open and Sequenced Cycles.

If you update someone's manager in a Sequenced cycle, they will still be doing their Upward review on the old manager, as that's who their manager was when the cycle was set up, and it looks back in time.

Conversely, if their manager is changed in an Open cycle, this new manager will be the subject of the person's Upward review, as the ongoing feedback style wouldn't work for a manager you don't have during the review period.

If there are any requests for Peer Feedback in an active review cycle between the person and their new manager, these will be cleared so the Upward Review and Manager Review can be added where relevant.

Effects on Goals

The old manager will no longer see the employee listed in their direct reports in 'Team Goals', and will no longer be able to see their private goals as a result.

Effects on Feedback

There are two types of feedback that will go directly to the employee's manager, these are the only ones that are affected by changing managers.

Ideas that were sent before the change will remain with the old manager, but any from then on will be sent to the new manager. The same applies to unprompted feedback.

Effects on 1:1 meetings

Any 1:1 meetings between the employee and the old manager and the user will not be affected by the change, the notes and talking points will be preserved. The manager will no longer see the private goals and ideas in the sidebar.

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