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Here's a brief overview on what managers can do with team view

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Watch the Intro to Team View video here ๐Ÿ‘‡ or continue reading below.

If you're a manager of people you have access to an extra view in Frankli relating to the priorities of your people and consisting of the following:

1 - View feedback:
Managers can view any feedback shared by people in their team.ย 

2 - Team view:
Team view allows managers to see who is in their team at a glance

3 - Team goals:
This view allows managers to view their peoples progress against goals they own
โ€‹4 - Team 1:1's:
This view allows managers to view all of their direct reports and how many 1:1 meetings they've had and when their last meeting was.ย 

5 - Team Reviews:
This allows managers to view review cycles their team are apart of.

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