What is a Career Admin in Frankli?

Explanation of what a career admin is in Frankli and how to set somebody up as one

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Career Admins in Frankli have specific permissions for creating career pathways and overseeing your organisation's job applications and promotion process.

What can they do exactly?

Once access is granted, Career Admins will have the ability:

How do I set someone up?

Firstly, you must already be a Frankli Administrator in your organisation. From your admin dashboard, click on 'Careers(Preview)' as shown below:

Next, select 'Career Admins' from the available options below.

From here, you can see the current active career admins. Click on the field, type the person's name you wish to add or press 'Enter' to search.

Once you're happy with your choice, you can click 'Save' to apply changes immediately.

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