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Introducing Frankli

How Frankli works, what it can do for your business and what makes it different to other solutions.

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Frankli is the performance platform that people love to use.

What can I do with Frankli?

  • Onboard and engage employees: Invite your people to share what is important to them, connect like minded people and empower your employees to share ideas and feedback. 

  • Visualise your company structure: Put a face to a name and find where people sit across your organisation using search and filters.

  • Create alignment across your organisation:  Create and share goals at a company, department and personal level with your entire team and create shared goal ownership.

  • Set a regular cadence to meet: Create 1:1 meetings with your people that have a shared agenda, purpose and outcome. 

  • Capture regular real-time feedback: Get both qualitative & quantitative feedback through unprompted feedback, praise and engagement surveys.

  • Provide self-service coaching and mentoring: Empower your people to own their personal and professional development and connect with their colleagues to learn new skills or coach others.  

  • Run Performance Review Cycles: Set-up and run flexible, inclusive performance reviews incorporating peer reviews, self-reflections and manager reviews across teams and individuals. 

  • Understand the priorities of your people: Get real-time and meaningful insight into how your people feel about their work, showcase their contribution and better understand areas of improvement.

Who uses Frankli?

  • HR & People & Culture teams who want to understand how people across the organisation are performing and feeling about their work.

  • People leads & Management teams looking for employee feedback and insight into how their people are contributing to overall company performance.

  • All employees who want to connect with and give praise to their colleagues, share ideas, feedback, contribute to the overall goals of the organisation & grow in their career.

What sets Frankli apart?

Unlike a mix of disconnected point solutions, Frankli brings everything you need to establish consistent and impactful workplace routines, empower people managers, and engage your people in one simple, integrated platform that is easy for everyone in your business to use.

What Next?

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