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Creating Career pathways as an Admin
Creating Career pathways as an Admin

Here we explain what career pathways are and how to create a pathway as an admin

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Important Note: The careers feature in frankli has been released in preview beta mode to a limited subset of customers. These final help articles and the full feature will be updated and released publicly over the coming weeks.

Career Pathways in frankli allows you, as an Admin, to link one to many roles within your organisation into a visual pathway. Once created, they act as a clear visual aid to show employees how to get from point A to B through skill and competency building, coaching and mentoring sessions or on-the-job experience. It also aims to support non-linear career pathways for employees who want to explore new areas of expertise and show them how that is possible.

Where do I find it?

As an Admin, you can navigate to Question templates from multiple locations. The first is selecting 'Careers(Preview)' from the menu sidebar. This will take you to the 'Careers' overview page.

Under the main tiles on the screen, you will see several shortcut controls only visible to admins.

Click 'Career pathways' as highlighted in the above screenshot.

Alternatively, you can navigate to 'Questions templates' from the main Admin dashboard, as shown below.

Create a pathway

The first time you enter 'Career Pathways' as an Admin, you will see the screen below with the call to action to 'Create a pathway'.

This will open the form below, allowing you to give your pathway an optional name and start adding roles.

Once you start typing into the roles field, you will get a real-time list of all roles that match your search criteria. Clicking on a specific role will add to the roles you want to define your pathway.

Once you are happy with your set of roles, clicking 'Add selected' will populate your pathway.

As highlighted above, I can change the ordering of specific roles by dragging it. I can add additional roles inline or delete a role from the pathway simply by clicking 'x'. Click 'Create' to define the pathway or 'Cancel' to start over.

When you create a pathway, you will be taken back to the 'Career pathways' overview screen, where you can see all the available pathways created by an admin.

You can search your pathways by name or specific roles that form part of a pathway. You can also easily edit, delete, or create a new pathway from here.

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