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Want to tailor the questions and reviewers based on different role applications? Here we show you how to design for this.

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Important Note: The careers feature in frankli has been released in preview beta mode to a limited subset of customers. These final help articles and the full feature will be updated and released publicly over the coming weeks.

The application designer allows you to design the questions that will be asked as part of a role application while setting the reviewers. Think of it as a lightweight rules engine that specifies questions and reviewers based on the criteria.

Where do I find it?

You can navigate to the Application Designer from multiple locations as an Admin. The first is selecting 'Careers(Preview)' from the menu sidebar. This will take you to the 'Careers' overview page.

Under the main tiles on the screen, you will see several shortcut controls only visible to admins.

Click 'Application designer' as highlighted in the above screenshot.

Alternatively, you can navigate to 'Questions templates' from the main Admin dashboard, as shown below.

Creating a default workflow

When you click on 'Application designer' for the first time, you will be asked to start setting up the default workflow. This workflow design will be used as the default for all new applications.

As we explain below, it gets overridden when additional design configuration rules are set.

Clicking 'Get Started' as shown above will launch the following form.

To create the first workflow we:

  • Set the question template that will be used for each applicant as the default

  • We then set the question template that will be used for each decision-maker as the default

  • We then define what will make up the overall review process by first defining who is the decision maker. This is mandatory, and the decision maker will answer the questions defined in the point previously.

  • We then have the option to have multiple reviewers. Reviewers are optional and can only add comments and review an entire role application.

  • Clicking 'Create' shown above sets the default workflow in motion. 'Cancel' will take me back to the start and the 'Application designer' overview screen.

As shown above, the default application is set. Hovering over the questions or the reviewers' sections will give us further details associated with the default workflow. We also can 'Edit' or 'Copy' this workflow via the actions and icons presented.

Once the default workflow is set, we can set up additional workflow based on specific rules. Let's jump in and explore how this works next.

Creating an additional workflow

Additional workflows in frankli give you greater flexibility to tailor specific questions or reviewers that meet certain criteria. For example, if your people are applying for a managerial role, you should tailor the questions you ask more around leading people. With additional workflow, you can do this by adding specific rules.

When you click 'Add a rule' as highlighted above, you will be presented with several rule types, as shown below.

Here you can add one or multiple rule types. You can also define the question templates to be asked and the people you want to review this application. Clicking 'Create' will set-up this additional workflow.

When all the rules you set are met for a specific role application, this workflow will override the default workflow we introduced earlier.

As we add new workflows over time, we can easily view them all in one place on the 'Application designer' main screen. Here you can 'edit', 'copy' or 'delete' workflows or learn more about a specific workflow detail by hovering over any cards.

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