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Question templates as an Admin
Question templates as an Admin
Updated over a week ago

Important Note: The careers feature in frankli has been released in preview beta mode to a limited subset of customers. These final help articles and the full feature will be updated and released publicly over the coming weeks.

The question template section for Admins allows you to create predefined question templates that can be used in the workflow where your people apply for a new role.

The process involves asking questions of the role applicant initially and then the overall decision maker (e.g. applicants manager).

Where do I find it?

As an Admin, you can navigate to Question templates from multiple locations. The first is selecting 'Careers(Preview)' from the menu sidebar. This will take you to the 'Careers' overview page.

Under the main tiles on the screen, you will see several shortcut controls only visible to admins.

Click 'Question templates' as highlighted in the above screenshot.

Alternatively, you can navigate to 'Questions templates' from the main Admin dashboard, as shown below.

Creating a template

To create a question template for the first time, click on the button 'Create a template' as shown below.

First, we must give our question template a unique name and then proceed to add questions, as shown below.

You first define the question you want to ask and then select the type of question you want to ask. You can choose four question types: Opinion scale, Text-based, Likert scale and Multiple choice. There is quite a bit of design flexibility, allowing you to edit labels and define multiple-choice options. You can also allow or remove comments on each question type.

Once you are happy, clicking 'Create' as highlighted above will create the question and add it as part of the template created. If you do that, it will take you back to the template overview page.

Here you can preview, edit or delete specific questions and change the template name. Once you're happy with your question template, click 'Create.'

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