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How to Use Frankli to Support New Starters
How to Use Frankli to Support New Starters

Tips and tricks for supporting new employees in Frankli and measuring performance during the probation period

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There are a couple of ways to use Frankli to automate the onboarding of new people and support them during their first weeks and months on your team.

Through Frankli, you can set new employees up for success with Goals, invite them to raise issues and strengthen relationships through dedicated 1:1 Meetings with their manager, and track their performance through Feedback and Reviews.

If your employees are subject to a probation period, Feedback and Reviews can be particularly useful in helping you build a clear picture of how well they're performing in their role.

Let's take a closer look at some of the ways you can support new employees through Frankli.


In Frankli, you can create a customised goal that all new starters work towards during their first weeks on the team. It only takes a few minutes to create your template. From there, you'll be able to set each new starter set up with their first goal in just a couple of clicks. You can create separate goal templates for new starters in different departments, if you wish.

This Goal will be specific to your teams, but key results may include;

  • Get to know your team

  • Schedule a 1:1 with your onboarding buddy

  • Review onboarding materials

  • Complete security training

  • Get set up with the company tech stack


It's a good idea to set up dedicated 1:1 Meetings in which new employees can check in with their manager about how they're adjusting to their new role. This provides the employee with an opportunity to raise any concerns or issues, and their manager with an opportunity to assess their performance and provide additional supports, if needed.

By creating a talking point template for new employee check-ins, Admins can ensure the right questions are being asked. These templates allow you to set up 1:1 Meetings for new people in just a couple of clicks.

Questions might include;

  • How do you feel you're adjusting to the role?

  • Do you feel you have a good understanding of who to approach with questions or concerns?

  • What would you change about the onboarding experience?

  • Are there any additional supports that you need?

Every team is different, but the following format generally works well:

  • New Starter check-in at 4 weeks

  • New Starter check-in at 8 weeks

  • New Starter check-in at 12 weeks


A review can be really useful for assessing a new starter's performance in their first weeks and months in the role. If the employee is subject to a probationary period, this review can be scheduled according to this timeline. For example, when a 6-month probationary period is in place, the review can be published in the fifth month with a completion date in the sixth month.

Depending on the steps chosen in the review, Admins can invite managers and peers to reflect on the new hire's performance, request feedback from any direct reports they may have, and/or ask them to reflect on their own performance.

In Reviews, admins can filter employees by start date, so it only takes a couple of minutes to set up reviews for new starters.


At any time, managers can reach out to anyone in the company for feedback on the new starter's performance. This allows managers to identify issues and find solutions for problems in real time, rather than waiting for a full review.


When the onboarding process is completed, you can invite new hires to participate in a survey using the Onboarding Survey template in Frankli. This will help you understand how successful the onboarding process was, and identify room for improvement.

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