If you wish to know how to create an eNPS survey click here.

Once you have an eNPS survey up and running and at least 3 people have responded, you should be able to access the reporting for it.

Dashboard Reporting

This panel shows a basic overview on the dashboard of what your eNPS score is and how many people fell into each category of respondent.

If the survey has been running for long enough, you will see arrows that indicate if the scores in the past 90 days results have increased or decreased compared to the previous 90 days before that.

To see more detailed reporting, click the View detailed reporting link in the top right.

Detailed Reporting

This page can be accessed through the component described above or by navigating to surveys > view > view results.

The icon to the left of the surveys name indicates it’s current state. Hover over the icon to check what it represents.

The date range filter can be used to select what time period you wish to view responses for. You can choose from the presets or define a custom date range. This can be used to give you an idea of how people responded to eNPS over a set period of time.

Along the top are all the important metrics related to eNPS. Hover over the question mark icon next to the label to get a better idea of how these are calculated.

A detailed breakdown of how people responded to each question can be seen below. Hover over each value to see how many people chose each response.

You can see any comments by clicking the view comments button. The score the respondent gave will be shown next to their comment.

In the case of eNPS, the first question is the most important because it is used to calculate the eNPS score. It will be highlighted in a gray box.

If additional questions were enabled while creating the eNPS survey, you will see the additional questions heading and the three questions below. These are only answered by detractors so will usually have less responses.

Finally, the responses to all the questions can be exported to a CSV file using the download icon in the top right.

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