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How to Measure eNPS with Frankli
How to Measure eNPS with Frankli

A quick guide to publishing eNPS surveys in Frankli

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The Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is designed to measure employee satisfaction and loyalty, giving you a better understanding of how your people feel about working at your company. An anonymous eNPS survey is a great way to build a better picture of employee engagement within your organisation, and it's quick and easy to create and publish one through Frankli.

How to Create an eNPS Survey in Frankli

1. Select Surveys & Polls in the sidebar.

2. Select Create.

3. Under Choose a Template, select eNPS Survey.

4. You'll see a preview of your survey. You can choose whether you want additional questions to be included for responders who select a rating below a certain number.

5. Select who you want the survey to be sent to. You can order recipients by name, department, office location, manager or start date. You can also search survey recipients by name.

6. When you're happy with the content of the eNPS survey, you can set the title of your survey, customise an invitation message to send to recipients, and choose a date for the survey to be published.

What happens next?

Sit back and watch survey responses arrive in real time. Select Surveys and View to view your eNPS score and responses to additional questions, if you've chosen this option. Selected recipients will be asked to respond to the survey again after 90 days.

Note: eNPS surveys in Frankli are anonymous. For this reason, you can only view responses when 3 or more recipients have completed it.

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