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Creating a Custom Survey

How to guide to creating a custom survey

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Unlike Template Surveys, Custom Surveys allow you to add and ask your team custom questions.

To create a custom survey you must have either the admin or manager role.

Get Started

Start by clicking on 'Surveys & Polls' in the sidebar and click 'Create' as shown below.

Next, click 'Build a survey from scratch'.

The first step is to name your survey, add a description or message for the recipients, decide whether to send the survey as yourself or on behalf of the company, and set an expiry date.

You can add one or many questions to the survey by first choosing a question type. The options currently available are 'Text' based response, 'Likert scale' or 'multiple choice'.

When you add a question, you can define the text of the question, and where multiple choice is selected, you can define the options for multiple choice answers.

You can also enable the ability for the respondent to add a comment with their answer. You can also customise the label asking the user to leave a comment. Comments are always optional so even if comments are enabled for a question, a user does not have to leave a comment.

Once you have the designed the questions that make up your survey, you can click 'Next' to progress to the next step.

Now you can select who you want the survey to be sent to. You can order by name, department, office location, manager or start date. You can also search survey recipients by name.

Finally you can preview your poll to make sure all the information is correct. Each section is collapsible. When you are happy with your poll, you can click 'Publish Poll' to publish your poll.

Save a Draft CustoM Survey

Provided you have entered a survey title and description, you can click 'Save Draft' at any point during the survey creation process. This will save your survey to finish later without publishing it. If you are editing a draft, rather than creating a new survey, clicking 'Save Draft' will update the old draft.

Editing a Draft Custom Survey

If you have at least 1 draft poll, a new option will appear in the templates page. Click this option to view a list of all your draft custom surveys.

From here, click the edit icon to edit the draft, or the delete icon to delete the draft. Alternatively, you can click 'Create New Survey' to start creating a new survey from scratch.

Things to note:

  • Once the expiry date has passed, recipients will no longer be able to add responses.

  • Once a survey has been sent, it cannot be altered. If the survey is recurring, the recipients and questions of the next survey in the series can be edited.

  • Once an individual survey has been created, the results cannot be viewed until there are at least 3 responses. The results of a recurring survey can be viewed if there are previous surveys in the series or there are at least 3 responses for the current survey in the series.

That's it! Emails and notifications will be sent out to the recipients, and a reminder email sent before the survey expires if they haven't completed it yet.

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