Survey Analytics
A guide to all the data available on survey analytics
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Analytics can be accessed from the admin dashboard.

Click on "Surveys" to open survey analytics.


Total Surveys Published

This chart shows how many surveys have been scheduled/completed in each month of the year. You can toggle between scheduled and completed surveys using the filter at the top. The red line shows the trend of how many surveys have been scheduled/completed as the year progresses.

Schedule Status

This chart shows a breakdown of the status of any surveys.

Series frequencies

This chart shows a breakdown of the most common series frequencies used.

Average Score

This chart shows the average score broken down by a number of criteria. Currently, you can view the average score by site and by department. The red line indicates the average score across all departments/sites

Question Responses (only on templates)

This chart is only visible when viewing a specific template under the templates filter. It shows a list of all question in the template and the average score answered for them across all instances of the survey.

Average invites & responses

This panel shows how many people are invited to take part in a survey and how many respond on average. The circular progress bar shows the average response rate.


The page can be exported using the icons in the top right. The CSV icon will generate a CSV report from all survey data. The other icon will generate a PDF version of the currently viewed page.

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