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How Can I View My Evaluagent Stats?
How Can I View My Evaluagent Stats?

Find out how to see Evaluagent metrics in Frankli

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When you go to your Frankli dashboard, you'll see a widget with your latest Evaluagent stats at an individual level. Here, you'll find the metrics that were configured for your company, plus information on when your data was last updated.

Please note that the scorecard you're viewing might be limited to a specific type of evaluation, which could be the Customer Service Scorecard. If this is the case, it indicates that your evaluations have been focused solely on this particular type of assessment.

1:1 Meeting

If you're a manager holding a 1:1 meeting with a team member, you'll see their Evaluagent stats in the sidebar.

This view also gives you the option to click on "Show Evaluations" to see more detail as per the screenshot below;

Review cycles

As with 1:1 meetings, you can see the Evaluagent data in the sidebar when you're completing a Manager Review or Self-Reflection survey. This sidebar has the same option to filter by Evaluations.

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