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Creating people from a File
Creating people from a File

A step by step guide on how to create multiple users at once with an excel file import using frankli's "Bulk Create" feature

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If you are an Admin, Bulk Create allows you to create multiple users at once by uploading an excel file.

To create a user with bulk create, the following information is required:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email Address

  • Department (optional if user has no department)

  • Site (optional if user has no site)

  • Start Date (dd/mm/yyyy)

  • Manager email (optional if user has no manager)

  • Access Level (Must be either USER, MANAGER or ADMIN)

  • Role

  • Grade (optional if no grade associated with position)

Getting Started

Navigate to your sidebar menu item and find the Admin menu.

Click on Company.

Click on Company View.

Click on the dropdown next to Add new person and then click Add people from file.

To use Bulk Create, you must first download the Bulk Create Template.

Take this template and open it in Excel (or an equivalent program) and fill in your info. All fields must be populated unless stated otherwise. A list of things to note can be seen on the right hand side of the screen.

  • If Manager Email is left blank it is assumed the user has no manager.

  • If Department is left blank it is assumed the user has no department.

  • If Site is left blank it is assumed the user has no site.

A user must be assigned 1 of 3 access levels


A regular user of Frankli


A person who manages others.

This role gives access to the Team view, allowing them to view info relating to their team.

If a user has subordinates then they require this role or ADMIN.


Full access to your company in Frankli. Can administrate other users, the company and view all info on the platform

Uploading your File

Once you have filled out the template, click the UPLOAD FILE button to continue.

On Successful upload

If your file was uploaded successfully, a success message will display and stating that your users are being processed. This will start the process of creating your users in the background and you can safely navigate away from this page. Once the file is done processing, you will receive a notification stating whether or not the file uploaded successfully.

On Failed upload

If your initial file upload fails, no users will be create.

You will be brought to a table displaying your uploaded info.

NOTE: You cannot give a user the Role of USER if they manage anyone.

  • Cells that have an error (something preventing submission) are highlighted in red.

  • Cells that have a warning (something that you may want to be aware of) are highlighted in yellow.

  • Any row that doesn't have any issues is hidden by default.

  • Hovering over a cell will highlight it in green and display a message saying what the issue with that cell is.

  • You can click a cell to edit it. A popup will display.

Once all issues are fixed, you can click SUBMIT to resubmit your info. If successful, a success message will display and your users will begin processing, otherwise you will be prompted to correct any outstanding errors.

Inviting your created users

Once you have created your users, you will then need to "Invite" them to Frankli before they can log in, to see how to do this, go here.


If an error occurs while your file is processing, this will stop the user creation process until you correct any issues that may have occurred. Any users processed before the error occurred can be invited to Frankli as normal but you will need to fix the errors highlighted by the bulk upload form before any more users can be processed.

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