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How to Set up Frankli's TriNet Integration
How to Set up Frankli's TriNet Integration

Learn how to synchronise your people in Frankli and TriNet

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It's possible to synchronise your team's information across TriNet and Frankli using Frankli's TriNet integration. Here's what you need to know to get started.

Before you Begin

Requesting your API Credentials

To set up the TriNet integration, we need the following details;

  • Your TriNet Company ID

  • Your TriNet API Key

  • Your TriNet API Secret

Speak to your TriNet representative directly to request these details. You can mention that you wish to integrate TriNet and Frankli.

Create a Backup File for your People

We recommend that you follow this guide to create an Excel backup file for your people, so you can restore them later if any information is incorrect after the first sync with TriNet.

Setting up the Integration

To get started, select Admin, then Integrations, then TriNet. If you don't see TriNet listed in the integrations list, please contact us via Intercom so we can enable this option for you.

After selecting TriNet, you'll be presented with the following screen to help you begin the setup process. Select Set up TriNet.

You now need to add the information that we mentioned earlier, which can be obtained from your your TriNet representative.

Once all the information has been added, select Complete Set Up. We will then verify your credentials and connect to TriNet's API. If everything is in order, you'll be able to complete the setup.

Running your First Manual Sync

After completing the setup, you'll be prompted to start your first manual sync with TriNet. This process will pull your people's data from TriNet and synchronise it with Frankli. The following attributes are kept in sync with TriNet:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Manager

  • Department

  • Site

  • Role

Through automatic syncing, any new joiners who are added to TriNet will be created in Frankli. Likewise, people who are removed from TriNet will be archived in Frankli.

To start your first manual sync, simply select the Rotating Arrows icon below. If you wish to run another manual sync in future, you can use the same button.

The manual sync may take a few minutes, depending on the size of your company, but you'll be informed via notification in Frankli when it has finished syncing. You don't need to stay on the integration page for this part, you can carry on with other tasks in Frankli.

Monitoring your Integration

Toggling the Automatic Sync Off or On

After running your first manual sync, the automatic sync is turned on by default and will update with any changes to your teams every 15 minutes.

If you encounter any issues with the integration, you may wish to pause the automatic sync until you resolve the issues. To do this, simply select the Pause icon next to the manual sync icon below.

Note: While automatic sync is disabled, you can still trigger a manual sync to help resolve any issues.

Reviewing and Resolving Synchronisation Issues

Sometimes a piece of data that is required for synchronisation may be missing or invalid. In these cases, we will skip the employee, and log this as an issue for you to review. You'll also be notified in Frankli when issues like these occur.

In the above example, the error code "EMPLOYEE_DUPLICATE_EMAIL" tells us that an employee with that email has already been added to Frankli. To resolve the issue, you would change the incorrect email in TriNet, then complete a manual sync in Frankli. If you have trouble resolving any of these issues, please contact us through Intercom.

Error Codes

Below is a list of error codes you may receive during synchronisation.

Error Code

Suggested Solution


In TriNet, ensure the location has a name.


In TriNet, ensure none of your locations share the exact same name.


In TriNet, ensure the department has a name.


In TriNet, ensure none of your departments share the exact same name.


In TriNet, ensure the employee's work email address is correct.


In TriNet, ensure the employee's name is correct.


In TriNet, ensure none of your employees share the exact same work email address.


If you encounter an unknown error, please contact us via Intercom.

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