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Bulk Update

A step by step guide on how to update multiple users at once with an excel file import using frankli's "Bulk Update" feature

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Bulk Update allows an ADMIN to update users by uploading an excel file.

Users CANNOT be added from here, use create user or bulk upload for creation.

With bulk update you can update the following:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Department

  • Start Date

  • Manager email

  • Position

  • Grade

Getting Started

Navigate to your sidebar menu item and find the Admin menu.

Click on Company.

Click on Company View.

Open the Bulk Actions dropdown and then click on Bulk Update.

To use Bulk Update, you must first download the Bulk Update Template.

Take this template and open it in Excel (or an equivalent program) and fill in your info. All fields must be populated. A list of validation rules for your data can be in the box above the Download Template button.

  • If MANAGER EMAIL is left blank it is assumed the user has no manager and will have their manager removed.

  • If the manager is changed during a review cycle, there are some things to consider: Changing manager during an active review cycle

Uploading your File

Once you have filled out the template, click the UPLOAD FILE button to continue.

On Successful upload

If your file was uploaded successfully with no issue, a success message will display and your users will have all been updated.

On Failed upload

If your file upload fails, no users will be updated.

You will be brought to a table displaying your uploaded info.

NOTE: You cannot give a user the Role of USER if they manage anyone.

  • Cells that have an error (something preventing submission) are highlighted in red.

  • Cells that have a warning (something that you may want to be aware of) are highlighted in yellow.

  • Any row that doesn't have any issues is hidden by default.

  • Hovering over a cell will highlight it in green and display a message saying what the issue with that cell is.

  • You can click a cell to edit it. A popup will display.

Once all issues are fixed, you can click SUBMIT to resubmit your info. If successful, a success message will display and your users will have all been updated, otherwise you will be prompted to correct any outstanding errors.

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