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A step by step guide on how to archive multiple users at once with an excel file import using Frankli's "Bulk Archive" feature

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Bulk Archive allows an ADMIN to archive multiple users by uploading an excel file.

Getting Started

Navigate to your sidebar menu item and find the Admin menu.

Click on Company.

Click on Company View.

Open the Bulk Actions dropdown and then click on Bulk Archive.

To use Bulk Archive, you must first download the Bulk Archive Template.

Take this template and open it in Excel (or an equivalent program) and fill in your info.

Uploading your File

Once you have filled out the template, click the UPLOAD FILE button to continue.

On Successful upload

If your file was uploaded successfully with no issue, a success message will display and your users will have all been archived.

On Failed upload

If your file upload fails, no users will be updated.

You will be told what issues are present so you can fix them.

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