After you have created a new person in Frankli and opted to invite them later, you will need to do this in a separate step. 

  • Navigate to 'Admin > Company > Company View'

  • This will take you into a single table view of all users in your company and their current status on Frankli

  • If there are existing pending people, you will be notified across the top of the screen

  • You have two options when it comes to pending people. 'Invite All' at once or 'Invite individually'

  • 'Invite All' is made easy via the available button on screen next to the info message

  • To invite individual people, update the available 'Status' dropdown to 'Pending'

  • Next click the action with the envelope icon to invite the person to Frankli

  • Confirm your action. You will then see the following notification

  • The person will receive an invite email to join your team and company on Frankli

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