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Inviting pending People
Inviting pending People

Here we walk you through the steps to invite people at a later stage to Frankli

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If you have created a new person in Frankli and opted to invite them later, you will need to invite them manually.

Navigating to the company view

Navigate to 'Admin > Company > Company View'

This will take you into a single table view of all users in your company and their current status on Frankli.

Invite methods

Inviting everyone

If there are existing pending people, a banner will be shown which will allow you to invite all uninvited people in one click.

Inviting a selection of people

If you only want to invite a few people at once, you can do so using the bulk actions button at the top right of the screen.

  1. Click bulk actions

  2. Select the people you wish to invite (You can use the filters to make this easier)

  3. Click Invite in the bottom right of the screen

Inviting a single person

To invite just one person by themselves, you can click the envelope icon to the right of their details in the table.

If you have already been invited once, you will see a different icon depicting a pile of envelopes which you can click to send them another invite.

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