Review cycle analytics

A guide to all the data available on review cycle analytics

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Analytics can be accessed from the admin dashboard.

Click on "Review cycles" to open review cycle analytics.

Filtering Options

You have the option to filter this page in a number of different ways:

All cycles

Will include data from all cycles run in the past 6 months.

Select cycles

Will include data from cycles you select.

Date range

Will include data from any cycles that were run in a date range you specify.


Assessment Group Score

This chart shows how many people were ranked in each assessment group for the relevant cycles. In the example below, 32% of people were rated as "Meets Expectations" on the five point scale. If calibration is enabled, any calibration changes will be shown as striped green or red. Green indicates that people were mostly calibrated into the given assessment group. Red indicates that people were calibrated out of the given assessment group. The red line shows where the mean falls on the normal distribution.

Assessment Score Distribution

This chart shows the average assessment score received by each department/site/manager in each enabled step. If the manager review and self reflection steps are enabled and the assessment question in each step uses the same scale (Eg. Five point scale) then the variance will be calculated for average scores of the self reflection step and manager review step. The dashed red line shows the average score on each step across all departments/sites/managers.


This chart shows how many people have been invited to the relevant review cycles and how many have responded or not responded. A response is counted as someone submitting a response for any step in the cycle.

Other stats

These are some additional stats about the relevant review cycles.


The page can be exported using the icon in the top right. This will generate a PDF version of the currently viewed page.

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