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Notifications and tasks: What's the difference?
Notifications and tasks: What's the difference?

Here we explain why we split out notifications and tasks

Updated over a week ago

We understand that notifications can sometimes come across as an unnecessary distraction to your work. We've redesigned notifications in frankli to look at what is something I should informed about vs. need to do something about.

Here we outline what's the difference between a ‘Notification’ and a ‘Task'. in frankli


Anything that involves an inform to the person without a following action in Frankli will be classified as a notification. These will include.

  • New joiner, work anniversary & birthday notifications

  • Praise, feedback you or a direct report has received

  • Added to a Goal as a Goal Owner

  • Comments or updates to a goal you are a goal owner of


Unlike general notifications, tasks in frankli must be actioned by the person for them to disappear. Here's some examples:

  • Invited to complete a Survey

  • Goal due deadlines

  • Peer Feedback requests

We hope this clarifies the two views and why we've gone about it this way.

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