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Here we talk you through everything about giving feedback at Frankli.

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Watch the Getting Started with Feedback video here 👇 or continue reading below.

To start, click on Feedback in the sidebar.

Click on Give Feedback.

Give Unprompted Feedback

Clicking on ‘Give Unprompted Feedback’ will allow you to share feedback of any nature privately within the organisation. You will be presented with some questions that will help frame the type of feedback to be sent.

Based on the dropdown menu items you self-selected, the corresponding menu items will change. Also, the question outlining ‘How would you like to proceed’ will determine where your feedback goes and what next steps occur. We also provide a comment box to add in any additional detail that you might wish to share.
You may decide to ‘Save’ feedback for a later date or ‘Submit’ feedback via the buttons available on screen. If you choose to submit your feedback, you will be able to see a feedback receipt status of when your message gets delivered and opened by the recipient in 'Feedback History.'

You will also be able to see sent, received and drafted feedback as well as the delivery receipts of recent Unprompted Feedback here. 

Note: All feedback submitted by default will have your full name associated with it. There is an option to go anonymous when submitting feedback by sliding the toggle titled ‘Anonymous’ across the top of the feedback dialog. If you do so, you will not be able to revisit the feedback sent or track its delivery status. Frankli has a commitment to be truly anonymous when sending feedback of this nature. You will also be informed of this in the product when you activate the ‘Anonymous’ feature.

Share Ideas

Clicking on ‘Share Ideas’ will allow you to easily enter your idea in the text area provided. You need to select, from the drop-down menu, what area you think this idea will improve. You can also choose to align your idea to certain company values by clicking on the relevant value. If you've selected a company value it will turn navy.

When you're happy click submit via the button ‘Submit’ located under the text area.

All ideas will be sent to your manager for review. You will see when your idea is delivered and opened by your manager under the ‘Feedback History’ section. Similar to 'Give Unprompted Feedback' you'll also be able to see submitted and received ideas as well as Recent Idea Activity and whether the feedback has been opened in this view. 

Give Praise

Clicking on ‘Give Praise’ will take you through to nominate an employee or multiple employees for praise and provide a snapshot of why they deserve it in the text box provided.

Firstly, select who you'd like to give praise to by typing their name in the search bar (you can tag multiple people in the same praise). Write a short description of the praise you'd like to give this person and if you'd like to choose the company value the person demonstrated. When you've selected a company value it will turn navy. When you're done click 'Post'. 

Once again, you can see your sent and received praise as well as your Recent Praise Activity. 

All praise will publicly post the information you provided (including any company values you highlighted) onto the nominated employees profile page as well as sending them and their manager a notification informing them that you submitted praise.

Give Feedback To My Peers

If you'd like to give feedback to your peers about work you have seen them recently carry out you can do so here. Frankli have developed this feature using the Situation-Behavior-Impact model of giving feedback. This model helps you define what exactly you are commenting on and why. It also gives the recipient of the feedback a chance to see what they need to change. This method also avoids making assumptions and commenting on things that could upset the other person.

To start type their name into the search bar and select them by clicking on their name. Next type what you have recently observed them doing and, in the text box, explain why you are mentioning this. Next write a suggestion as to how this observation could be improved and finally select what rationale you have for providing this feedback. The feedback will then be sent to the person receiving the feedback. If your company has enabled manager access to your peer feedback, the recipient’s manager will see it, but only if it is enabled company-wide. If this is the case, you will be told who will be able to view it.

Learn more about Feedback at Frankli here.

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