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Helpful tips on how to use your Frankli Dashboard

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Watch the Intro to Dashboard video here ๐Ÿ‘‡ or continue reading.

Your Dashboard in Frankli is the first screen you will see each time you log in. See it as your home base or go-to in Frankli. In terms of navigation, your Dashboard can be accessed anytime from the main sidebar menu titled Dashboard. This is your own unique, private view within Frankli.ย 

On your Dashboard, you will see the following;


1. Welcome message

Every time you log into Frankli, you'll see a welcome message pop-up. This message is tailored to you and will update you on any outstanding or upcoming tasks assigned to you for action.

You can easily close the pop-up message via the 'x' or by clicking anywhere outside of the pop-up on screen.

2. Active Goals

The Active Goals overview helps you to clearly visualise the progress made and current status of your own goals. It can be filtered to allow you to view goals by any given quarter or look at all goals for the year via All.

The initial view will default to the current quarter you are in. If you hover over the quarters, it will tell you what months they align to, based on the details of your company's financial year.

3. Upcoming Deadlines and News Feed

You can toggle between Upcoming Deadlines and News Feed using the buttons at the top right.

The Deadlines section shows any Goals, Key Results, Meetings, Surveys or other Deadlines that are due in the next 30 days.

There is also an option to view these in Calendar format via the View Calendar link. The deadlines are clickable, and take you to the relevant page, e.g. clicking the deadline on a Goal will bring you to that Goal.

Note: Deadlines remain in your Upcoming Deadlines overview until actioned.

The News Feed section shows events happening in your company, such as someone receiving or giving praise.

3. To Dos

If the Tasks feature is enabled within your company, it's possible to create a list of To Do items with an associated due date. You can see them in the To Dos overview on your Dashboard. Tasks that are assigned to a Goal or 1:1 won't be visible here, only Tasks that are marked as To Dos.

These To Dos can easily be edited, archived or marked as complete. You will receive email reminders one day before the To Do deadlines.

4. Discover People

One of the main features on your Dashboard is Discover People, which invites you to discover colleagues across the company who share similar interests to you. Each time you log in to Frankli, you will see 2 short employee profile recommendations.ย 

This view is designed to introduce your colleagues, and to highlight any shared interests, personal or professional. Clicking on their displayed photo or name will bring you to their full public profile in Frankli.

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