Your Dashboard in Frankli is the first screen you will see each time you log in. Your Dashboard can also be accessed anytime from the main sidebar menu entitled ‘Dashboard’. This is your own unique private view within frankli. 

On your Dashboard you will see the following:

1. Welcome message

This message is tailored to you and will update based on your activity within frankli. Your welcome message is designed to introduce new colleagues to you and to give you a heads up on important actions that need your attention.

2. Notifications

Notifications in frankli are designed around informing you of new activity across the organisation, while also reminding you if there are items to be actioned by you within Frankli. Notifications will triggered around the following events:

  • When a new joiner activates their profile on frankli
  • When a survey is sent to you for input
  • When someone gives you recognition in the form of praise
  • When someone adds you as a Goal owner to a new or existing Goal
  • When someone updates a Goal that you are assigned as a joint owner
  • When any feedback you send is acknowledged by the receiver
  • When any ideas you send are acknowledged by the receiver
  • When any praise you post is acknowledged by the receiver

3. Discover Colleagues

One of the main features on your home dashboard is discovering colleagues across the company who share similar interests to you. Each time you log in to frankli you will see 3 short employee profile recommendations. 

This view is designed to introduce your colleagues and to highlight any shared interested (both personal & professional) you may have with them. Clicking through on their displayed photo or name will bring you to their full public profile in frankli.

4. Goals

This view on your Dashboard gives you a visual overview of progress against all active individual, department and company goals that relate to you.

Each progress visual provides a link through to the relevant goal section detail on hover.

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