Understanding Upcoming Deadlines

Here we explain upcoming deadlines in Frankli and how it works

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One of our main goals in frankli is to support you with more focused work, help teams increase productivity and to make it easy for you to see where things are at. That's why we built 'Upcoming Deadlines'.

In your upcoming deadlines you will automatically see any tasks surface up that you need to action in the next 30 days (e.g 1:1's, Goals updates) or items where you have been asked for your input on from others. (e.g. peer feedback)

There is also the option to look at these via calendar view from the available link. Wherever displayed, each deadline should be clickable and take you to its relevant page for action (eg. clicking 1:1 deadline navigates to the 1:1 schedule).

Note: Items will remain in your upcoming deadlines until actioned by you.

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