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Everything you need to know about Notifications in Frankli

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From time to time, you'll receive Notifications in Frankli, which will appear in the Navigation Bar at the top of your screen.

There are a few types of notifications that you can expect to see.

1. Notifications and Actions

Clicking on the bell icon on the Navigation Bar at the top of the your screen will reveal Notifications and Actions. This feature is designed to inform you of any relevant activity across the organisation, and remind you of impending deadlines.


A Notification is defined as a piece of information that does not require an action. These may include;

  • New starters in the company

  • Work anniversaries

  • Birthdays

  • Praise or Feedback that you, or one of your Direct Reports have received

  • Goals you've been added to

  • Comments or updates relating to one of your Goals


Actions are items that you need to follow up on.

They may include;

  • Invitations to complete a Survey

  • Goal deadlines

  • Peer Feedback requests

2. New Features

Every now and then, you may see a gift icon on the Navigation Bar across the top of your screen. This will appear whenever the Frankli team releases a new feature.

Once you have viewed the notification about the new feature, the icon will be moved to the dropdown menu on the far right of the screen.

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