Browse roles as an employee

Here we explain how to browse roles as an Employee as part of Career Pathways

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The 'Browse Roles' section of Career(Preview) in Frankli allows all employees to search, view and learn more about all the active roles in your organisation. You can access the browse roles view by clicking the section shown below.

Within this view, all employees will have the ability to:

  • Search by role names within your organisation

  • Pin roles for future access and consideration. Note: To pin a role, click the icon highlighted in the image below.

  • Filter by roles that you have already pinned or that are on your pathway

  • View role descriptions and click through to explore 'More details' on the role you are interested in.

Below is the expanded 'Role details' section of a specific role.

Where 'role applications' is also enabled in your organisation, you can start an application to apply for this new role by clicking the 'Start application' button as shown. You can also review the questions you will be asked as part of the application process and understand the decision-maker and reviewers involved in the process.

Clicking 'Cancel' will take you back to the 'Browse roles' main view.

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