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How to set up user syncing with People HR

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The People HR integration for Frankli allows you to manage your users in People HR and have those changes reflected in Frankli. While this integration is enabled, any users synced with People HR cannot be updated directly in Frankli.

What data is synced with Frankli?

  • First name (required)

  • Last name (required)

  • Email Address (required)

  • Manager

  • Start Date

  • Department

  • Position

  • Office Location

  • Leaving Date

If any of the required fields above are empty for any user, then Frankli will not be able to sync with People HR.

If any of the following do not exist in Frankli then they will be created when syncing a user:

  • Department

  • Position

  • Office Location

Set up

In Frankli, navigate to Admin Dashboard > Integrations > People HR

If you do not see the People HR option, please contact us via intercom so we can enable it for you.

Click "Setup People HR".

Setting up API Key

You will now need to generate a People HR API Key.

Open PeopleHR and navigate to HR Admin.

Then, go to Settings > API.

Click the plus icon to add anew API key.

For the "Key Name" enter any value you want (we suggest simply naming it "Frankli").

Leave the "IP Addresses" field blank.

In the Application table, click on Employee

Ensure the "Get All Employee Detail" and "Get Employee Detail By Id" permissions are enabled. These permissions are required to allow Frankli to request the information required to keep Frankli sycned with People HR.

note: This only allows Frankli access to the information about your employees in People HR. Frankli will not be able to change any information in People HR.

Once you have selected the correct permissions, save your key.

Once your key has been saved, copy your key by clicking the clipboard icon.

Navigate back to Frankli and paste in your API Key.

Setting up the Webhook URL

Copy the Webhook URL

Navigate back to People HR and paste the value into the Webhook URL field.

Navigate back to Frankli and click "Complete Setup"

This will then verify everything is correct with your API Key and prompt you if there are any issues and perform a full sync.

API Key issues

If any issues occur that prevent People HR syncing with Frankli, such as the provided API Key being removed in People HR, then you will be alerted. After the first failed sync, all Admins will receive a notification.

This issue can be resolved by adding a new API Key via the "Update API Key" button. Upon adding a new API Key, a full sync will be performed to bring Frankli back up to date with People HR

Disabling Syncing

Clicking the Disable Syncing button will completely disconnect People HR and Frankli. Your API Key will be deleted from Frankli and your Webhook URL will be invalidated. All users will still exist in Frankli as they were just before syncing was disabled. You can re-enable syncing at any time by simply going through the setup process again but there are a few things to note:

Things to note about disabling / re-enabling syncing

  • A new Webhook URL will be generated so be sure to replace the old one in People HR with it. This will ensure your live updates come through to Frankli.

  • Ensure the email addresses in Frankli match the corresponding email addresses of users in People HR. The very first time a user is synced between Frankli and People HR, their email address is used to tie the two accounts together. After this, their unique key in People HR is used. This connection is lost when you disable syncing so you need to ensure the emails in Frankli match People HR before reconnecting otherwise extra user accounts can potentially be created.

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