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How do I become a coach?
How do I become a coach?

Learn how to start coaching others using Frankli Connect

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Start by heading to “Connect” from the sidebar, then selecting “Coaching” and then “Coach” from the menu.

You will be shown the following prompt letting you know that you will need approval from your manager to become a coach. Click “Get started” to apply.

You will be presented with the following form where you can select the skills that you wish to coach as well as supply any additional information regarding your experience with those skills.

After selecting your skills and supplying supplimentary information, you can click “Submit” to send your coach application to your manager for approval.

After submitting your application, your manager will be asked to either decline or approve your application. While you are waiting you can view your coach application’s status by clicking “View Application”.

If your manager declines your application, you will be notified by email and in Frankli. You can resubmit your application after reading your manager’s comments and making the appropriate changes.

If your manager approves your application, you will become a registered coach and gain access to the coach dashboard where you can view any incoming coaching requests from prospective coachees.

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