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How do I seek coaching?
How do I seek coaching?

Learn how to find a coach using Frankli Connect

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Start by heading to “Connect” from the sidebar, then selecting “Coaching” and then “Coachee” from the menu to view the coachee dashboard.

The coachee dashboard presents you with a list of coaches available to you in your company as well as reminding you of any personal developmental goals you may have.

To find a coach, simply start typing in the skill you wish to learn into the search bar. Suggestions will be presented to you as you type and coaches for that skill will be displayed in the table below.

When you find a coach for your desired skill, you can click the envelope icon next to the coach to open up a coaching request form.

After submitting the form, it is first sent to your manager for approval, and then to your coach. You will be notified in Frankli and via email as your coaching request progresses. You can check the status of your coaching request from the “Coaching Requests” tab of the coachee dashboard.

Once your coach approves your coaching request, they will be prompted to schedule a 1:1 with you to discuss your coaching.

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