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How do I get approval to coach more skills?
How do I get approval to coach more skills?

Learn how to amend your coach application in Frankli Connect

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Start by heading to “Connect” from the sidebar, then selecting “Coaching” and then “Coach” from the menu to view the coach dashboard.

Note: You must be an approved coach to view the coach dashboard, See How do I become a coach?

At the top of the dashboard, you will see the skills that you are currently approved to coach. To add more of these, click the nearby “Update Coach Application” button.

You will be brought to the coach application form. Here you can add more skills to your application and submit it as an amendment for approval from your manager.

After submission, you will be brought back to the coach dashboard, where you can see the skills that you have pending approval, as well as the skills that you have already been approved to coach.

Note: While your amendment is awaiting manager approval, you will still appear in searches for your approved skills and your existing coaching sessions will be unaffected.

After your manager approves your amendment, you will become approved to coach the new skills you added and will start appearing in coach searches for those new skills.

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