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Preparing for a 1:1 meeting
Preparing for a 1:1 meeting

How to make sure you're prepared for your upcoming 1:1 meeting

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You've scheduled your 1:1 and you want to prepare for it. Below is an explanation of what you can do prior to the meeting.


Talking points

You can edit talking points prior to the meeting.

To do so, click the Edit talking points option on the meeting screen.

This will hide the overlay and let you edit your talking points.

Click the Add Talking Point button to start adding a new one.

Use the X icon to remove an existing talking point.

If you have incomplete talking points from the previous meeting, you will have the option to add them to the current one.

Once you're done with editing, use the Finish editing button to close the edit view.

Action points

Action points can be viewed at the bottom of the screen when the Action points icon is clicked.

You can add new action points using the form along the top of the card.

To create a new action point, set an owner, title and due date then press the create button.

You can mark an action point as completed by clicking the checkbox on the left of it.

If you want to edit or delete an existing action point, hover over it click the relevant icon on the right.

Shared and private notes

Notes are also visible at the bottom of the screen. To view shared or private notes, click the relevant icon to the left.

If the other participant has written any shared notes, they will also be visible here but can not be changed.

Shared notes will be visible to the other participant of the meeting.

Private notes are only visible to yourself.


If you want to add any file attachments to your meeting, you can use the files tab. These will be visible to both participants.

Note: Files are attached to the meeting, not the schedule, so if you upload a file to one meeting, it will not be visible in the next one and you will have to click back to the last meeting to see it.

Other Meeting actions

As well as editing your meeting details, you can also change the state of the meeting from this screen. You can start the meeting, reschedule it or just cancel it.

Starting the meeting

Use the start meeting button to start the meeting. It will be visible on meeting page up to 30 minutes before the scheduled meeting time.

Read more here about what happens during an active meeting.

Note: If you fail to click the start button, the meeting will automatically be marked as missed 72 hours after the start time (12 hours for daily schedules)

Cancelling the meeting

Use the cancel meeting icon to cancel the currently selected meeting. This will mark the meeting as cancelled and create the next meeting in the schedule.

Note: You cannot edit a cancelled meeting.

Rescheduling the meeting

Use the reschedule meeting icon to reschedule the currently selected meeting.

Note: If you or the other participant have your outlook calendar linked to Frankli, you will be able to see their availability as seen here.

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