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What happens during an active 1:1?​
What happens during an active 1:1?​

Here we outline what to expect as a manager during a 1:1

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What to expect

  • The organizer of the 1:1 will guide the participant through the talking point priorities that both participants would have had a chance to contribute to in advance of the meeting

  • Both participants also have access to their shared notes either captured in advance or during the 1:1.

  • Both participants may add action points. These action points are added to the participant's TODOs and can be tracked across multiple meetings.

  • You can also add some private notes as a reminder on things you need to follow-up. These will only be available to you.

  • As you work your way through the agenda you can tick off and talking points discussed

Starting the Meeting

As the organizer of a 1:1 schedule, you will see the Start meeting button within 30 minutes of the scheduled meeting time. When clicked, the meeting will be started for all participants.

Talking points

Once started, you will be able to see the list of recurring talking points that you have set up.

If you are not the creator of a 1:1 schedule, you will have the ability to comment on each talking point.

You can click on the circle highlighted below to mark the talking point as done.

If talking points are not marked as done, they can be carried over to the next 1:1 meeting once it's scheduled.

Consulting the sidebar

In the side panel, you will also notice you have access to information you need regarding the 1:1 schedule and the participants information.

You will be able to see:

  • Progress made against their goals

  • Praise received

  • Ideas shared

  • Competencies associated with their role (if enabled for your organization) .

Viewing goal details

You may wish to expand a particular Goal and discuss detailed progress during your 1:1. Simply click on the goal in question to do so.

Once you have finished looking at the goal, you can click the breadcrumb highlighted below to return to the 1:1 meeting.

Action points, notes and files

See here for more information on how to add action points, notes and files to your 1:1 meeting.

Completing the 1:1 meeting

Once the 1:1 meeting has reached a conclusion, you have the ability to mark it as complete. This can be done using the Complete button highlighted below.

Note: Only the organizer can do this

Marking the 1:1 as 'Complete' will ensure the next 1:1 is correctly set-up (if part of a recurring event) and that any outstanding talking points are swept up and brought forward into this next 1:1.

Note: If you don't click the complete button, the meeting will automatically complete within 12 hours of when it was started.

Starting a call in Microsoft Teams for a 1:1

If you chose Microsoft Teams as the location for your 1:1, you can start a call with the other 1:1 participant by clicking the "Open Teams" button once the meeting has started.

Note: In order to call the other participant on Teams, they must have signed into Frankli previously using Microsoft SSO.

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