My 1:1's are a list of all your upcoming 1:1's. In the overview, you can see the name of the person conducting the 1:1, the purpose and talking points of the 1:1, when the next 1:1 is due to take place and the frequency of 1:1's. 

For more details on the 1:1, click anywhere on the 1:1. You will then be shown any talking points, shared notes and the person who is conducting the 1:1's shared notes. 

You can add comments to talking points by clicking the text bubble and clicking post once you have typed your comment.

You can also edit shared notes by clicking edit and save once you have written your note.

Finally, you can add a private note which is for your eyes only. Do so by clicking 'Add Private Note' and clicking 'Save' when you have finished with your note. 

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