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Here's all you need to know about 1:1's you are involved in.

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Watch the Getting Started with 1:1s video here πŸ‘‡ or continue reading below.


Overview page

Clicking on 1:1 Meetings in the navigation will take to you to a list of all your upcoming 1:1's.

1:1 overview page

Information shown

In this overview, you can see:

  • The current status

  • Who the schedule was created by

  • The purpose of the 1:1s

  • Who is participating

  • When the next 1:1 meeting is due to take place

  • The frequency of 1:1 meetings

  • The number of talking points

  • The number of action points

Status ribbon

The status ribbon is shown as a colored line to the left of the schedule creators picture. This is used to indicate at a glance the status of the schedule. You can hover over the ribbon to see what status the color corresponds to.

Searching and Filtering

You can use the box at the top to search for a 1:1 schedule by purpose.

Clicking the blue drop down will reveal a list of additional filters which you can use to narrow down the list even further.

Creator actions

If you are the creator of the 1:1, you will also have access to some different actions you can take on your 1:1s. Hovering over each icon will show you the associated action.

1:1 overview actions

Edit schedule

Clicking this icon will bring you to the create screen and allow you to change details about the schedule for all future 1:1s. You can also check the box so that only the next 1:1 is changed.

Pause/Resume 1:1

Clicking the pause icon will pause the schedule and prevent any future meetings from occurring.

Clicking resume will revert it back to normal.

Archive 1:1

Clicking the archive icon will archive the schedule and prevent any further meetings from occurring

Note: There is no way to unarchive an archived schedule

Delete 1:1

When a schedule is archived, you will see this icon. Clicking it will delete the schedule and remove it from the list.

Meeting page

To get a more detailed view on a 1:1, click on it in the list. You should see the following page:

Meeting details / Talking points card

This card shows all the details of the next meeting including:

  • Meeting status

  • Purpose

  • Date and time

  • Participants

  • Talking points

Scheduled meeting view

When a meeting is in scheduled and hasn't been started yet, you have the option to:

  • Start the meeting (Visible when the meeting is due to start in the next 30 minutes)

  • Cancel the meeting

  • Reschedule to another date/time

  • Edit the talking points

Scheduled options

Sidebar card

The sidebar is where you can switch between meetings in the schedule or see a rich view of employee goals, ideas, praise and feedback.

Collapsing the sidebar

You have the ability to collapse the sidebar if needed using the arrow icon highlighted below.

Meeting outcomes card

The meeting outcomes card is where you will be creating action points, notes and uploading files as a result of (or in preparation for) the 1:1 meeting.

Pinning the card

You can use the pin icon on the top right to make it stick to the bottom of the screen. This can be useful if you have a large number of talking points and want to see the notes at all times.

Full-screen notes editor

If you have a lot of notes to write for the meeting, you can click the full-screen icon in the top right to expand the editor. This will give you more room to work with.

The meeting time in your calendar doesn't match Frankli

If for any reason your calendar gets out of sync with Frankli for your 1:1 meeting times you can select the option below "re-create events in the calendar" & this will automatically resync your Calendar with Frankli.

If the issue still persists following this you will need to check your timezone in Frankli is the same as the one in your Calendar, you can check that here.

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