Starting 1:1 Meeting

What happens when there is a time for a meeting

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  • When a 1:1 meeting is scheduled to be within 30 minutes, a Start meeting button will be available.

  • Once the meeting is started, changes cannot be made to the talking points but comments, notes and files can be added.

  • Talking points can be actioned and a panel on the side will show the manager and the user the praise, goals and ideas of the user in the 1:1.

  • Action points can be created by either the manager or the participant.

  • If the manager is not the user’s direct manager, they will be unable to see the ideas suggested.

  • You can click the 'Since last 1:1' or 'All' to filter this view.

When the meeting has finished and the users are happy that they have added their notes and completed the talking points, the manager can click 'Complete' to finish the meeting and create the next one. If you haven't clicked 'Complete' Frankli will auto-complete the meeting for you.

You can still add notes and files to the meeting once is complete. If you're updating shared notes - the other participant will be notified about it.

You can use calendar or meeting list in the sidebar to see past 1:1s . You can use this to see what was noted and talked about.

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